History Of The Northmarch

1 SA – The god Silvanus appears in Merovia and mortally wounds the ancient dragon Braxuiel. Legends say that the blood from the dragon’s wounds saturated the ground and within a few decades the great forest that would become known as The Roguewood grew from that spot.

77 SA – First contact between the Kingdom of Kyria and the Allemani

235 SA – First contact between the Kingdom of Kyria and the Daanan Sidhe Elves

313 SA – The Magisterium, a college of Kyrian wizards dedicated to the teaching of magic, is formed.

426 SA – The Kingdom of Kyria and the Dwarves of Dun Mordain sign The Treaty Of The Nine Hammers that allows Kyrian traders and soldiers the right to use the Dun Mordain tunnels in order to access Allemania.

430 SA – After repeated Allemani attacks and raids on Kyrian traders, Kyria and Dun Mordain go to war against the Allemani.

453 SA – At the Battle of Blood Thicket, the last of the Allemani warbands are wiped out by the Kyrians.

463 SA – King Jarl III dissolves the monarchy and establishes the Kyrian Empire. The region of Allemania is renamed The Northmarch.

477 SA – Fighting breaks out between Kyrian settlers and the Daanan Sidhe in The Northmarch.

496 SA – The Kyrian Empire and the Daanan Sidhe begin talks over land rights in The Northmarch.

512 SA – The Daanan Sidhe agree to hand over the city of Eliethiel to the Kyrian Empire.

545 SA – The Daanan Sidhe agree to hand over the city of Caelariel to the Kyrian Empire.

567 SA – The Daanan Sidhe agree to hand over the city of Lainonniel to the Kyrian Empire.

570 SA – A splinter group of Elves declare themselves to be Daoine Sidhe and recapture Lainonniel, sparking the Elven Civil War. The Kyrian Empire and Dun Mordain ally with the Daanan Sidhe against their rebellious brethren.

693 SA – An armistice is signed whereby the Daoine Sidhe claims to the area of forest known as The Sidhe-Andur are recognized by the Daanan Sidhe, Dun Mordain and the Kyrians. The Daoine Sidhe agree to recognize Kyrian ownership of Eliethiel, Caelariel, and Lainonniel.

775 SA – Emperor Taos IV of Kyria orders a sneak attack on the Daanan Sidhe in order to secure the Fane River and lucrative trade routes to the Icelands and Merovia, which starts the Great Elven-Human War. Dun Mordain remains neutral.

777 SA – The Magisterium begins covertly working with Daanan Sidhe agents.

789 SA – Caliente, a powerful wizard of the Magisterium, assassinates Emperor Taos IV and the Magisterium takes over the Kyrian government. The Empire remains intact with its emperors becoming mere figureheads.

791 SA – The Great Elven-Human War ends with no concessions on either side.

837 SA – The Daanan Sidhe begin the Falach-fuinn, a massive retreat from The Northmarch back to their home islands in the Nordmark Sea. Some Elves remain scattered among the cities of The Northmarch.

859 SA – Lindsfane is founded.

873 SA – A joint human-dwarven expedition of several hundred sets out from Dun Mordain to the Howling Canyons in order to secure the trade routes from attack along the Murkbottom and Kharkessa Rivers. It never returns and no survivors are ever found.

1000 SA – Rumors of dragon sightings near the Roguewood Forest reach Kyria.

1026 SA – A massive invasion of humanoids and monsters engulfs the Northmarch. Watchfane is reduced to ruins.

1027 SA – An army of humanoids and giants led by Luxuiel, the offspring of Braxuiel, overruns the mines and cities of Dun Mordain. Very few dwarves survived to tell the tale, and many of the monsters stay in the mountains to create new lairs.

1028 SA – Luxuiel and his army cross through Dun Mordain and ravage Kyria. At Kyre, the capital, The Magisterium’s defenses keep the Dragon Tyrant at bay and a siege is held.

1029 SA – After evacuating a select few (mostly the aristocracy, the wealthy, and themselves), The Magisterium abandons Kyre and the city falls. Thus marks the end of the Kyrian Empire.

1030 SA – Luxuiel sets up residence in the human capital city, and creates a religion called The Cultis Draconis, or The Dragon Cult, with himself as a god. Throughout the former empire, demihumans are enslaved or murdered. Thousands join the Cult out of self-preservation.

1035 SA – Thousands of demihuman refugees from The Northmarch flock to the Elven Land of Anhuin and its southern islands. Fearful of again losing their own lands to humans, the Daanan Sidhe start turning away all refugees.

1050 SA – Present day.

History Of The Northmarch

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